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At Nile.Com we are driven by a strong commitment to our customers' satisfaction. We evolve based on a customer centric approach which is reflected through our dedicated team who perform their daily duties under the banner of Customer Advocacy. We all join our efforts towards enhancing your business experience across functions. CSAT surveys, Quality of Service programs and customer specific dashboards are used to proactively identify actions to improve customer satisfaction. Customer escalations received by Customer Advocacy are promptly worked upon and tracked to closure. This acts as a driver to resolve customer complaints with speed and precision and cutting functional barriers.

For concerns beyond the escalation matrix, you can e-mail us at

Critical Element of Business Success

Customer support is a crucial element of business success. Fully aware of this fact, Nile.Com is committed to providing dedicated, world-class customer care for you.

The quality of customer support that we provide is one of the main reasons that major businesses choose to collaborate with Nile.Com.

Simple and Efficient Procedure

Nile.Com customer care efficient procedures can be summarized as follows:

Receiving Customer Complaint and/or Request

Nile.Com support team receives customer complaints and request by e-Mail, phone, or fax.

Phone: +2(02)27543335
Fax: +20 227543346

Logging Complaint and Priority Setting

The support officer logs the call (mail or fax) by assigning a related ticket to the matter. The support officer then sets a priority to the case depending on its nature and on the need's urgency. For instance an e-Mail problem should be attended to at once, and it should be resolved within service level agreement scheme or else the case is automatically escalated to Nile.Com's management.

Resolving and Closing Case

Once the problem is resolved, or the request achieved, the support officer closes the ticket with details on problem/request as well as resolution steps and actions done. Nile.Com technical team has set up an advanced system that sends the client an automatic notification of the results achieved. If the client is not satisfied with the final outcome, a reopening of the ticket is issued and the above process starts all over again until final resolution.

Customer Care Data Analysis

Seeking continual improvement, Nile.Com performs a comprehensive data analysis on a bi annual basis. A sophisticated system based on related statistics has been set in order to assess the performance in business areas which significantly affect customers' satisfaction levels.

Remote Instant Connect

Our support services ensure that your infrastructure is up and running all the time and that unforeseen breakdowns are addressed in the shortest possible time frame. These include Remote Instant Connect services, where our technical representatives and experts provide remote technical support and directions to resolve all your IT problems that require direct technical intervention and online technical support to resolve the problem in real-time.

Useful Instructions

For remote Instant Connect support, kindly fill in the online request form located on the Contact Us page.

In the subject field choose "Remote Instant Connect".

In the message field box write a brief description of the problem, the product version and applied hot fixes and any other information that could be helpful.

Press the submit button.

In response to your request a Services Professional will contact you to establish a Remote Instant Connect service session.

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