Security Services

Security comes down to three major concerns: sophisticated threats, complex regulations, and increased needs as IT evolves.

Nile.Com services help you implement a strategy to mitigate risks, threats and avoid costly penalties for non-compliance, we provide complete security services to empower you to manage your infrastructure risks, extend your capabilities and strengthen your security posture to minimize business impact and control costs while expanding insight for better decisions.

Our security services have been designed to help you consolidate your risks by making them visible through a combination of people, processes, methodologies and unique toolsets.

We work with you to gain a better understanding of the cost of the changing threat environment, This enables you to realize rational investments in security controls and define your strategy and implementation plans.

Our offering covers the following security service domains:

Risk Assessment Consulting Service

In this service, we work to discover your security posture and build our own baseline of understanding to:
  • Understand your network and identify threats and their anticipated sources.
  • Discover your network and systems infrastructure, plus applications and databases.
  • Examines your change management processes and security policies.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive assessment reports, that include findings, risks, severity, risk assessments and remediation recommendations according to best practices in terms of architecture and design.

This service can be extended to:
  • Further enhance your infrastructure security by taking full advantage of the in place security technologies,
  • Provide you with the proper guidance to deploy your security baseline quickly and reliably,
  • Evaluate the existing security controls and then provide recommendations to harden your server workloads.
  • Perform ongoing regular reviews to ensure that your change controls are effectively implemented in the right way to meet your target regularity and operational measures and then identify the necessary needed additional controls and new security practices to defend against evolved security trends and threats.
Security Assessment Consulting Service

With our proven security expertise and a comprehensive multi-vendor toolset, our security consultants can quickly perform the initial network assessment, followed by the vulnerability assessments and finally the penetration testing of your most sensitive networks, servers, web-based applications, operating systems and databases, giving you a deep insight into your risk by:
  • Creating a single view of security threats across your infrastructure to help you manage the entire IT risks.
  • Differentiating between real threats and potential vulnerabilities to streamline risk assessment and remediation efforts.
  • Reducing cost and complexity by automating the network vulnerability management lifecycle from discovery to prioritization and issue resolution.

We conduct our security assessment service in a series of three successive phases as following:

Network Assessment

In this phase, we work to discover your security posture and build our own baseline understanding.
  • Understand your network and identify threats and their anticipated sources.
  • Discover your network and systems infrastructure, plus applications and databases.
  • Examine change management processes, security policies.
Vulnerability Assessment

In this phase, we perform a security-focused vulnerability assessment that will be required for the next phase.
  • Scan your network and systems to identify security vulnerabilities.
  • Categorize the founded vulnerability based on each vulnerability severity.
  • Report the founded vulnerability in conjunction with its recommended remediation procedures.
  • Rerun security vulnerability scan in a second round to validate the customer remediation.
  • Gain a stronger picture of your overall network security posture.
  • Identify and validate attack directions.
  • Verify that security policies meet best practices.
Penetration Testing

In this phase, we attempt to exploit your applications and network infrastructure.
  • Focus on risks found in vulnerability assessment.
  • Discover additional security risks.
  • Outline ways to prevent real threats.
Throughout our phased approach, we perform a comprehensive security analysis, ranking your vulnerabilities, attempting to exploit, citing best practices, identifying gaps and making recommendations for efficient remediation plans, sometimes the remedy plans can be extended to more details in form of configuration items especially for our installation base products and solutions.

We work with a specialized and standard methodology, along with our award-winning tool sets, throughout the security assessment service delivery; we conduct a series of successive stages that starts with setting up and acknowledge the rules of engagement, and then move to the reconnaissance and information gathering sessions, analysis and documentations, scanning, exploitation, privilege escalation, environment cleanup and finally the reporting stage.

Our service offering allows one-time vulnerability scans or monthly/quarterly/semi-annually/annual scheduling of scans without further intervention, also 24/7 managed security-monitoring services thru our global accredited partners.
Design, Deployment and Implementation Services

Our security consultants and architects can seamlessly design the appropriate enterprise solution across all critical security domains( Nile.Com products and beyond) including:
  • Assessment of specific business and technical problems and needs;
  • Build custom roadmaps to address enterprise security requirements, taking into consideration the solution complexity, cost, fault tolerance, performance, and scalability;
  • Architect the appropriate enterprise solution across all critical security conceptual components to determine key solution components, and outline high-level solution architecture, that can be extended to the low level design by including:
    • Detailed functional design;
    • Detailed non-functional and technical designs;
    • Product and technology specifications;
    • Capacity planning;
    • Connectivity;
    • Specifications and licenses.

  • Solution Deployment, Integration and Optimization

  • Throughout this service we perform the planning, deployment and configuration stages and then stabilize the solution into production, furthermore we:
    • Integrate with the critical security gears of your existing environment, including integration with other products across our solution and products offering;
    • Monitor deployments to ensure adherence and compliance with your security regulatory requirements.
Support Services

Throughout this service; our security team will produce and deliver customized SLA's to support your mission critical operations with:
  • Different levels of response time;
  • Regular onsite scheme;
  • Consultancy;
  • On-demand support services;
  • Incident packs support.

  • Furthermore our support service can be extended to:
    • Develop ongoing enhancements to the deployed solutions on the operational level including ongoing update, roll-outs and training delivery;
    • Perform configuration reviews for the pre-deployed products comparing the existing configuration items against your current security policy, controls and requirements, identifying misconfiguration and configuration gaps and making recommendations and change plans for efficient remediation..

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