Nile.Com infrastructure services cover the complete service delivery lifecycle including:

  • Consultation;
  • Project Management;
  • Planning;
  • Deployment;
  • System Integration.
Our strategic alliances with a leading infrastructure technology players further enabled us to deliver cost-effective services that are steady, scalable, smart, innovative, and result oriented for your business.

When it comes to selecting the most appropriate unified service delivery approach for all your IT infrastructure needs, Nile.Com is the right choice to make.

With multi-technology expertise and skill sets, and best in class service delivery processes with a quality focus, definitely you will gain a robust IT infrastructure, starting from the conceptual design, architecture, deployment, operation and implementation, and moving forward to system integrations.

As a proactive service provider for enterprises, we offer a mission critical support services that ensures business continuity while minimizing risks of your IT Infrastructure.

Our proven expertise is emphasizing on the following key technology domains:
Data Centers

Our capabilities extend to building IT infrastructure layers for data centers.

With stringent program management methodologies and best in class tools, we help make your data center agile and enhance performance by providing tools and practices to proactively manage capacity planning, monitoring, forecasting and integrating IT resources including database, storage, network, servers, OS and applications.

Our data center services offerings include:

  • Plan and build public and enterprise data centers;
  • Build virtual and hybrid data centers using Microsoft solutions;
  • Design dynamic data centers, including hosts, storage, and network considerations, as well as management and monitoring tools to control servers, applications, and service levels;
  • Help you create a service-oriented infrastructure, through our dynamic IT vision, by combining a set of products, technologies, and availability techniques with best practices and guidance to build public or private cloud foundation.
Network Infrastructure

Nile.Com network services practice is geared to meet everyday information flow demands. Our services, in this direction, help prevent network downtime and provide a secure environment for your voice and data infrastructure to fully operate.

Our network services offerings include:

  • Switching and Routing:
  • Supporting IBM blade centers open standards and industry interoperability across multiple I/O fabrics, including Cisco Ethernet Switching, Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Fiber Channel, Infini Band and Open Fabric.
  • Voice over IP: We deliver various and complex IP telephony services:
  • IP telephony pre-deployment assessment;
  • Design and deployment of converged solutions involving IP Telephony/VoIP;
  • Migration of existing voice infrastructure to IP telephony/VoIP environment;
  • IP telephony integration;
  • Deployment of IP telephony quality management platform;
  • Wide area networking (WAN):
  • Applications Delivery Management;
  • Applications Shaping and Optimization;
  • Audit - Network Performance Assessment.
End to End Hardware

Our hardware services offerings cover all hardware solutions, namely, desktops, notebooks, Intel servers, Blade centers, Power systems and storage systems.

Our keen understanding of various IBM server platforms, blade centers and storage technologies as well as software and networking technologies gives us a valuable insight while delivering blade centers deployment and storage services.

Our hardware services offerings include:

  • Warranty services;
  • Advanced replacement and extended warranty;
  • Onsite and remote support for diagnosis and problem resolution;
  • Basic installation and enablement;
  • Advanced installations and integrations;
  • Performance study and recommendation for server, storage, database etc.;
  • High availability assessment services as well as configuration;
  • Storage upgrade and migration;
  • Post warranty support services;
  • Customized service levels including response time and resolution time;
  • Optimization of current IT infrastructure setup.
Core Infrastructure

Nile.Com has among its expert team, knowledgeable infrastructure professionals who will assist your organization deploying Microsoft Windows Server products and technologies.

Our core infrastructure services offerings include:

  • Architecting, deploying, and mentoring your core infrastructure using best practices;
  • Design, deployment and implementation for:
  • Windows and UNIX Operating Systems;
  • Active Directory;
  • Distributed File System;
  • Network Services;
  • File and Print Services;
  • Storage;
  • Storage Area Network;
  • Microsoft PKI to Datacenter Design.
Messaging Infrastructure

Nile.Com provides specialized services to assist organizations in deploying Microsoft Exchange Server products and technologies:

Our messaging infrastructure services offerings include:

  • Design, plan, deploy and support Microsoft Exchange Enterprise implementations;
  • Assist your organization in deploying Microsoft Forefront Server products and technologies;
  • Provide operations, configurations and architectural recommendations aimed at improving the operational efficiency of your messaging environment, including:
  • Review of existing configuration to identify issues prior to affecting production;
  • Compare environment and deployment to Microsoft best practices;
  • Identify performance issues and eliminate bottlenecks;
  • Understand issues prior to large scale migration or upgrade;
  • Perform migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange.

Nile.Com offers MS Exchange Assessment services that provide enterprises with an unbiased, assessment of critical MS Exchange communications environment. With MS Exchange Assessment service, you will gain a complete visibility of your current infrastructure, as well as the steps required to meet the specifications of MS Exchange.

MS Exchange Assessment service allows you to:
  • Ensure a seamless upgrade;
  • Receive a state-of-the-art system analysis of your existing installation;
  • Learn how to optimize storage and archiving of e-Mail services;
  • Improve protection from spam and virus activities;
  • Understand required hardware and software updates;
  • Pinpoint potential issues.
Unified Communication and IP Telephony

Individuals in an organization need to be able locate one another and communicate with each other instantly using the appropriate application for that instance.

This is achievable in the most suitable way by integrating instant messaging and presence with the organization's existing PBX system or by implementing a complete SIP VOIP call management infrastructure with Lync Server, OCS and Exchange Server.

Our unified communication and IP telephony services offerings include:
  • Design, plan, deploy and support Microsoft Lync Server Enterprise implementations;
  • Design, plan and migrate from Office Communication Server to Lync Server infrastructure;
  • Integrate Microsoft Unified Communications infrastructure with Polycom technology;
  • Deploy and support multi-vendor and wide range of IP phones;
  • Deploy and support a wide range of video conferencing peripherals;
  • Design, plan, deploy and support multi-vendor IP voice Gateways for voice, automated attendant and PBX integration for Exchange, OCS and Lync Server;
  • Provision of Lync Server and Exchange UM PBX Integration using a direct SIP connection with a broad range of the supported IP PBXs;
  • Design and deploy Microsoft Forefront protection for office communication servers.
  • Provide configuration and operation review, configurations and architectural recommendations aimed at improving the operational efficiency of your environment, including:
    • Review of existing configuration to identify key issues;
    • Compare environment and deployment to Microsoft best practices;
    • Identify network and system performance issues and eliminate bottlenecks;
    • Understand issues prior to large scale migration or upgrade.

Data Management

Issues of data archiving and increased compliance regulations demand that enterprises properly secure and access their electronic communications. Coupled with this matter, are issues related to server limitations and various archival problems that arise from mailbox management.

Nile.Com offers scalable storage integration services that help you adhere to compliance issues while leveraging existing e-Mail investments.

Our data management services offerings include:

Consultation, implementation and integration for e-Mail and content archiving that built on multivendor solutions, to enable users to store, manage, and discover unstructured information across the organization.
Enterprise System Management

The rich partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and Symantec enables Nile.Com to provide enterprise system management services which include project management, consultancy, implementation and integration, as well as audit and support services.

Our professionals have to their credit a good implementation share from all leading system management vendors. As an IBM partner and Microsoft partner, we have years of experience in working together within the scope of implementing mission critical and time-bound products and solutions for large businesses.

Our enterprise system management services offerings include:

  • Architect, deploy, and mentor advanced solutions using industry best practices;
  • Support Microsoft family of systems management products and solutions and focus on providing customers with necessary tools and knowledge to help them:
  • Manage their IT infrastructure;
  • Make operations more efficient;
  • Reduce troubleshooting time;
  • Improve IT support teams' planning capabilities.
  • Support service management, monitoring, troubleshooting and assets tracking to keep IT environments secure and up-to-date;
  • Efficiently execute different complex management tasks, such as troubleshooting backend issues, monitoring, and server and client software deployment.
Enterprise Operation Management

System Center Operations Manager meets the need for end-to-end service monitoring in the enterprise IT environment by providing an easy-to-use monitoring environment that can control thousands of servers, applications and clients, thereby providing a comprehensive view of the health of an organization's IT environment. This view of service health is instrumental in providing a rapid, agile response to events that may impact the normal running of the business, providing reduced down-time and ultimately, reduced IT costs.

Our enterprise operation management services offerings include:

  • Provision of comprehensive capabilities across the full Microsoft Systems Center suite, including operations management areas;
  • Large-scale implementations and expertise in design and creation of an environment to suit all needs and requirements.
Business Continuity

Nile.Com provides a full spectrum of IT Continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR) services.

Disaster recovery consulting and implementation services:

Unlike BCP which is holistic to business, DRP is specific to Information Systems. Nile.Com expertise helps your organization adopt the best DRP practices known in the field.

We bring you technically sound vendor agnostic solutions, while ensuring that our know-how in all layers of disaster recovery viz. network, application, database and hardware, adds value to your business.

DR assessment services:

Assessment services from Nile.Com help customers refresh or review their existing DRP measures for design, completeness and overall adequacy.

Our business continuity services offerings include:
  • Disaster recovery planning;
  • IBM Storage copy services implementation and support;
  • Data backup and recovery installation and implementation;
  • Storage replication and mirroring ;
  • Virtual infrastructure resiliency.
Server Consolidation

Many enterprises venture into the application delivery centralization and infrastructure consolidation for a good business cause, namely: security & compliance; simplicity & cost.

However, centralization combined with the delivery of more applications, such as data, voice and video will with no doubt serve to increase WAN dependency, so performance will definitely deteriorates.

Deterioration symptoms may include:
  • Slow file access;
  • Low quality IP telephony;
  • Unreliable ERP applications.

The next-generation branch office is defined as much by the centralization of transactional applications and convergence as it is by consolidation of data and storage. But removing servers from the branch office as part of a consolidation strategy raises the question of how to efficiently extend critical capabilities to those users, such as native Windows print, DNS/DHCP, in addition to web and domain controller services. These users also need wide area file services (WAFS) and TCP optimization to eliminate redundant data transfers and enable high performance over the WAN for centralized transactional applications, such as ERP, as well as voice and video

Our system integration team has initiated server consolidation services through rich partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and Bluecoat.

Our server consolidation services offerings include:

  • Building and deploying virtual and hybrid consolidations;
  • Building and supporting IBM blade center for server consolidation;
  • Consolidating and integrating multi operating systems;
  • Network capacity planning for server consolidation;
  • Setting monitor, control and shape consolidated infrastructure.
Virtual Infrastructure

Nile.Com provides services to assist organizations in deploying Infrastructure Virtualization using products and technologies from leading Vendors.

Our infrastructure virtualization services offerings include:

  • Architect, deploy, and mentor advanced virtualization solutions using the industry's best practices;
  • Develop and support needed dynamic agile virtualization infrastructure;
  • Design and deliver virtual and hybrid data center integration using leading vendors' solutions.
Private Cloud

Nile.Com professional services team helps customers maximize the benefits of their virtual infrastructure investments, accelerate the move to a private cloud computing model, and also provides cloud assessment, gap identification, and cloud adoption plan.

Our services address the business and technical needs of shared computing resources through a wide array of cloud services such as architectural design for private cloud and; deploy and implement solutions that addresses business requirements and cloud operational demands, helping customers cover the way to cloud computing.

Our cloud based services offerings include:

  • Architecture, deployment, operation support and then monitoring and Management for the cloud infrastructure using the industry's best practices;
  • Develop and support needed dynamic agile cloud infrastructure;
  • Design and deliver cloud data center integration using leading vendors' solutions.

Key Infrastructure Services

We offer our clients the full array of infrastructure lifecycle services, with a comprehensive umbrella of services ranging from design to support, including deployment, implementation, auditing, monitoring and assessment techniques.

Assessment and Review

We conduct a comprehensive review of the IT infrastructures, examining the environment to verify that is performing optimally and to help customers taking full advantage of in place products and technologies.

The following are the key areas and processes that take place through our infrastructure reviews:
  • Architecture Review - To evaluate the network design of environment and the connectivity within and between data centers, remote locations and other networks;
  • Infrastructure Configuration Review - To assess the configurations of servers against known vendor and industry best practices, and any known issues associated with the deployed product;
  • Infrastructure Health Check - To examine your current infrastructure environment, detects any deficiencies or problems, and provides appropriate recommendations. To help verify that your services are healthy, and you have good practices in place, so your infrastructure services are continually reliable and robust.

Product Consultation

Nile.Com provides infrastructure products configuration exploration and review for pre-implemented products and integration consultancy.

Profiling, Planning and Architectural Design

Nile.Com experts:
  • Assess specific business and technical problems and needs;
  • Architect the appropriate enterprise solution across all critical conceptual components to determine key solution components, and outline high-level solution architecture;
  • Build custom roadmaps to address enterprise implementation, taking into consideration the solution complexity, cost, fault tolerance, performance, and scalability.

Functional Design and Solution Specifications

Nile.Com professionals will design the appropriate enterprise solution across all critical infrastructure components (Nile.Com products and beyond) including:
  • Detailed functional design;
  • Product configuration;
  • Capacity planning;
  • Connectivity;
  • Specifications and licenses.

They will then proceed into moving to scope and plan all components of implementation.

Deployment, Integration and Optimization

Nile.Com professionals will:
  • Build and deploy the infrastructure components of our enterprise solutions, including integration with other components across Nile.Com services, products and solutions;
  • Monitor deployments to ensure adherence to in-place regulatory, processes and policy requirements.

Operation Support

Nile.Com professionals will:
  • Develop ongoing enhancements to deployed solutions on the operational level including ongoing update, roll-outs and training delivery;
  • Ensure that configuration control processes, administration and maintenance processes are in use and are being used efficiently.

Regular Ongoing Reviews

Nile.Com professionals will perform a Post- Implementation review to ensure change controls meets regularly and operational compliance and make the necessary controls to cover new operational practices and controls.

Support Contracts and Service Level Agreements

Nile.Com professionals will produce customized SLA's for mission critical operations with:
  • Different levels of response time;
  • Regular onsite scheme;
  • Consultancy;
  • On-demand services;
  • Remote instant real time support;
  • Incident packs support.

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